Mental Toughness: How To Embrace Stress For Greater Success

Jul 7, 2021

Women (and men) face unhealthy stress and anxiety on a daily basis - it’s a wonder we’re still standing. Too few of us have stress tools powerful enough to put stress to work for us so we can enjoy the journey. Once you’ve learned how to be mentally tough, you will use stress to your advantage. It becomes your superpower! Colonel Deb Lewis joins the show to share her experiences, and how you can learn to effectively use stress to your advantage.

Colonel Deb Lewis is a West Point graduate from its first class with women. A Harvard MBA and retired Army Colonel, Deb commanded three US Army Corps of Engineer districts, including a $2.1 billion reconstruction program in combat. She survived the 9/11 Pentagon attack while serving on the Joint Staff antiterrorism team. The Colonel’s experiences in leading while under fire inspired her unique Mentally Tough Women (MTW) program. MTW prepares women (and enlightened men) to handle more stress - not de-stress – in good times and times of crisis. Once you ‘Armor Up’ with mental toughness, your daily battles turn into sweet victories.