Minimum Wage Increase Takes Effect Sunday In Ohio, Other States

Dec 31, 2016

19 states, including Ohio, will see their minimum wages increase on January 1st.

Ohio Public Radio's  Jo Ingles reports.

A voter-approved constitutional amendment a few years ago means the required pay for most minimum wage workers will increase by five cents an hour - or about $2.00 for a 40-hour week. The increase is tied to inflation. Ohio workers got a bigger increase in 2016 when the wage increased by 15 cents an hour. Small businesses with annual gross receipts just under $300,000 won’t have to comply with the state wage increases. And while tipped workers will also get a bump, they still will make half of what non tipped workers do. Some cities want to mandate higher minimum wages but a new bill signed into law this month would take away their ability to do that.