More Questions About Voter Removal As Process Is Underway

Sep 6, 2019

Credit Dan Konik

Ohio’s Secretary of State is in the process of removing more than 200,000 voter registrations thought to be improperly on the rolls.

Many of those have died, moved out of state or have been inactive for years. But voter advocates insist there are thousands who should not be removed. And they point to the latest list of more than 20 thousand Franklin County voters who are being flagged for confirmation as an example of people who could be removed without cause. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

The Director of the League of Women Voters of Ohio, Jen Miller, says her own name is on a list of voters in Franklin County that was flagged to go through the process of being confirmed as a registered voter, the first step in the voter removal process. And she says there’s no reason for it.

“It does not make sense. I’ve voted in every election. I have not moved. And so this raises additional concerns that our decentralized process could be creating big mistakes in the voter rolls," Miller says.

Miller’s not on the list of voters being removed now but says being on the list for confirmation for future removal proves different boards of elections are handlng the process differently. That being said, Miller says the Secretary of State’s instructions to local boards is strong and a step in the right direction, if they follow them. The Secretary of State’s office hasn’t yet commented.