Newest Member Tee: Color Chosen By Fans

Sep 18, 2012

The votes from our "Help Us Choose" Facebook poll have been tallied!

The winning color and design of our newest member tee!
Credit Gildan

In the fall of 2012, WCBE will release a new member t-shirt. Because staff votes were tied, we turned to you - our fans on Facebook - to help us choose. The shirt that got the most likes/votes is the chosen color of our new tee. 

  1. Maroon (C) came out on top with 38 likes/votes
  2. Purple (A) was a close second with 30 likes/votes
  3. Cherry (B) was dead last with only 4 likes/votes

(Drum roll) The chosen color of our newest member tee is....HEATHER MAROON! Thanks to everyone who voted.