Next Vaccine Shipment Will Cover Only 25% Of Oldest Ohioans

Jan 14, 2021

100,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine will begin to arrive in Ohio Monday, as 420,000 Ohioans over 80 scramble for appointments
Credit Ohio Department of Health /

The next shipment of COVID-19 vaccines to Ohio will fall well below the number of doses needed to immunize the next eligible group.

The next shipment would only cover less than 25 percent of those who qualify for the next phase. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.   

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Governor Mike DeWine says the state faces different challenges with 2.2 million people in group 1B, including short notice on when the vaccines will arrive and a low supply. 


About 100,000 doses are on the way to begin vaccinating the more than 420,000 Ohioans who are 80 years and older.


DeWine: "We hope the production there goes up. We also hope there are more streams that are coming in in the near in the near future. But as of today, we have to deal like all states. We have to deal with this scarcity." 


Some counties have already reported they’re running low on vaccines.The state will have an online tool allowing people to look up where they can get the vaccine, but scheduling for one will depend on the provider.