No Problems Reported At KKK Rally In Dayton

May 26, 2019

An anti-Klan protestor holds a sign at a small rally of a KKK-affiliated group in Dayton on Saturday
Credit Getty Images

A small group of Ku Klux Klan members penned in by fencing, surrounded by police and drowned out by nine hundred protesters, held a rally in Dayton Saturday with no reported clashes or problems.

Nine members of the group showed up. The city blocked streets with large trucks and brought in officers from other jurisdictions to keep protesters separated from members of an obscure Klan group called the Honorable Sacred Knights. The group obtained a permit for the rally months ago. City officials and community leaders organized an effort called Dayton United Against Hate. The NAACP and other groups gathered in a public park about a mile from Dayton's downtown square where the Klan rally was held. Dayton police says no one was arrested or injured. The city urged people to stay away from downtown Saturday.