ODJFS Says Lack Of Childcare No Reason Not To Return To Work

Jun 18, 2020


The state has not been denying anyone unemployment insurance benefits for COVID-19 related reasons, such as concerns about contracting coronavirus on the job or being ordered to quarantine.

But that is changing for people who can’t find child care. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Director Kim Hall says an executive order allows for benefits to continue for people who can’t telework and are in a high risk category, are over 65, those who have evidence of a health or safety violation by their employer, and those who have proof that they had to quarantine or are caring for a family member with COVID.

“Refusing to return to work because of a child care issue was not included in the executive order.”

But Hall says those workers can apply for the federal program for people who don’t qualify for regular unemployment benefits. The refusal is appealable. Child care facilities were allowed to reopen May 31, but with limits on total number of kids and strict rules on health.