Ohio BMV Ramping Up Online Portal To Schedule Appointments

May 4, 2020

All but five of the state's Motor Vehicle Bureaus closed March 19 in response to the coronavirus pandemic, but Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted says they could open later this month.  

The division is continuing a process of online scheduling begun before the current crisis.

"The is the 'Get In Line Online' service where we are allowing people to check in online.  And that way we can space people out, and we can work through that process and to make it efficient for everybody as they begin to re-engage."  

Husted says many services have remained available online since offices closed.

"And a variety of things like vehicle regislatration. vehicle plate replacement, etc. Please, use those if you need them.  And know that we have suspended expiration dates until we gert the BMVs opened back up and we have the online portal in place."  

Husted says individual registrars are making decisions about re-hiring personnel, and how to set up spaces with appropriate social distancing.  176 bureaus across the state were temporarily closed; 5 sites spread across the stayed remained open commercial driver's licence testing.