Ohio Clergy Backing Federal Climate Change Plan

Sep 28, 2016

Shantha Ready Alonso with Creation Justice Ministries speaks in front of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Columbus
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Obama Administration's plan to fight climate change is being challenged in federal court by Republican-led governments in several states, including Ohio. 

Some members of Ohio's faith community are advocating for the plan. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Christian and Jewish leaders gathered at the steps of the Trinity Episcopal Church. They’re praying for government officials to protect the environment.

Shantha Ready Alonso with the national Creation Justice Ministries says they are called to preserve God’s creation.

Alonso: “And right now, God’s creation really needs our help. The climate is warming quickly. The ecosystem that depend on a stable climate are in need of our care.”

The faith leaders say the federal Clean Power Plan, which cuts carbon emissions from power plants, is essential to caring for the environment.

Opponents – including the Ohio EPA – are arguing in federal court that the White House is overreaching its authority with this plan.