Ohio GOP Endorses DeWine Against Taylor's Strong Opposition

Feb 9, 2018

Mike DeWine (L) and Jon Husted at the Republican state central committee meeting
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio Republican Party has voted to endorse Attorney General Mike DeWine as their gubernatorial candidate. 

DeWine is running against Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, who had very strong words for how the endorsement process was conducted.  Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.


Taylor started her contentious speech to the Republican state central committee by referring to the conference hall as “Mike DeWine’s living room” and followed with burn after burn saying the endorsement was a coronation.


Taylor says Ohioans don’t want the party establishment making their choice for them.


Taylor: “This absolutely represents the good ole’ boy career politician establishment that wants to have things their way.”


DeWine says he was sad to hear the comments and counters that his team has a good idea of what Ohioans want.


DeWine: “We know what the challenges are. No one’s traveled this state more than Jon Husted and Mike DeWine have.”


Taylor says the next challenge is getting DeWine to agree to a debate.