Ohio GOP Legislators Meet to Discuss Householder's Future

Mar 16, 2021

Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder's portrait in the House of Representatives.

All 66 Ohio House Republicans meet this afternoon to discuss what to do about Larry Householder, eight months after the former speaker’s arrest on federal corruption charges, four months after his re-election to his seat and two months into a term with no committee assignments.

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.


Bob Cupp replaced Householder as speaker. Cupp said several times Householder, who was running against just write-ins in November, could only be expelled from the House once for a particular reason. In December, Cupp said he’d prefer Householder resign.

“There's an expulsion the House could do if a majority agree. There’s impeachment, that is another option.”

Cupp was asked repeatedly by reporters about Householder. He said February 8 that members were discussing it, but there appeared to still be a split.

“There’s still ongoing discussions among the caucus to find out where they’re at.”

It would take yes votes from 66 of the 99 members to expel Householder. And because House Democrats have proposed removing him before, it’s likely all 35 will vote to expel.