Ohio Green Energy Firms Say Leaving Paris Accord Will Hurt Their Businesses

Jun 3, 2017

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Some Ohio businesses are dismayed by President Trump’s decision to back out of the global agreement to fight climate change.

Green energy companies say the decision has tangible consequences that hurt their bottom lines. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow Reports.

Renewable energy companies say there’s a great deal of education and consulting to do before a company or homeowner installs green energy equipment.


Al Frasz, owner of Dovetail Wind and Solar, says that’s a crucial step that’s threatened every time President Trump downplays the urgency of climate change.


Frasz: “The stuff that they’re putting out there is just garbage. I mean it really is garbage, it’s made up stuff that’s not based on reality.”


Republican Governor John Kasich also criticized Trump’s retreat from the Paris deal. No word yet on whether Ohio will join state such as Washington and California in forming an alliance that continues the promises of the agreement.