Ohio Has Back-Up Plan For Federally Funded Children's Insurance Program

Nov 27, 2017

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Time is running out for Congress to approve more funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program before the money dries up.

The program known as CHIP is operated by states, and Ohio has a plan  in case Congress fails to act.  Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow explains.

Unless the U.S. Senate and House pass a new measure, Ohio is on track to run out of federal funding for CHIP by the end of the year.


Lisa Hamler-Fugitt with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks says CHIP is a well-liked program and failing to keep funding it is essentially like cutting Medicaid for kids.


Hamler-Fugitt: “Why in the world would Congress, any member of Congress, put tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy above health care for children is just baffling.”


Democrats have criticized the latest proposal to save CHIP, claiming it takes too much money out of Medicare and the Affordable Care Act to offset costs.


Because CHIP-eligible children are covered through Medicaid in Ohio, the state says the program will continue, although with federal reimbursement through the lower Medicaid match rate instead of the much higher match rate of CHIP.