Ohio House Lawmakers Amend Nuclear Plant Bailout Bill

May 23, 2019

Ohio's Perry Nuclear Power Plant
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House has dramatically changed the energy bill that would bailout the state's nuclear power plants and repeal renewable energy standards. 

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports. 

Under the changes neither wind nor solar power can qualify for the so-called “Clean Air Credits,” according to House Energy committee chair Nino Vitale.

This seemingly leaves nuclear power as the only beneficiary of the program. 


The charge to residential ratepayers was cut from $2.50 to $1 a month. Taking the pot of money for credits from $300 million to about $190 million. 


On the renewable energy industry being cut out of the program, Vitale says…


Vitale: “They were not interested in having a fund that they could access for clean energy.”


The wind and solar industry have fought against the bill’s repeal of the renewable energy standards. Experts said they still want time to look over the changes before they comment.