Ohio House Won't Vote On 'Stand Your Ground' Bill Before Summer Break

Jun 27, 2018

Supporters and opponents of the bill rally in 2013
Credit Ohio Public Radio

The Ohio House will not hold a vote on the so-called "Stand Your Ground" gun bill before taking the summer break this week.

Opponents say the vote was shelved because of strong public outcry. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Democratic Representative David Leland says after several mass shootings; most Ohioans want to see moderate gun control bills. 

Leland believes the upcoming midterm election played a role in stalling the bill, which would have eliminated more gun regulations.


Leland: “When you get hundreds of phone calls and emails from people in your district saying they don’t want you to do a particular thing I think that has the tendency of influencing a legislator’s decision.”


The bill is opposed by Governor John Kasich but has support from majority Republicans, including the House speaker and Senate president, so it could be voted on later this year. 


Pro-gun groups say the bill is written so a person with a gun still can’t escalate a situation but it just eliminates the “duty to retreat” provision of self-defense cases.