Ohio Launches Pilot To Get Internet To Rural Areas

Dec 16, 2020

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Getting broadband services to the estimated one million Ohioans who lack it has been a challenge

But the state is beginning a new pilot project designed to help provide reliable internet service to rural areas. The pr0ject involves new satellite technology. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

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Bob Rich of Union County has worked from home for nine years without reliable internet. 


“In that time, I’ve had to do things like rent office space in Marysville, which is the nearest town, during the summer and winter breaks so I’m not constantly nagging my children to get off Youtube.” 


Rich lives in one of the areas targeted by Ohio’s new $200 million pilot program that uses STARlink technology and SpaceX to provide internet via satellite technology. Lt. Gov Jon Husted says it is hoped the technology will be affordable so that it can expand to homes and businesses statewide.