Ohio Utility Blames Market Conditions For Decision To Close Coal-Fired Power Plant

Sep 1, 2018

W.H. Sammis power plant
Credit Ohio Public Radio
FirstEnergy Solutions blames the current energy market for deciding to close its Ohio coal plant within the next four years. 

It seems to be the final chapter in FirstEnergy's struggle to keep its coal plants operational. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.   

After years of seeking subsidies and so-called bailouts, the utility will be closing the Sammis plant in Jefferson County.

The plant generates nearly 1,500 megawatts of power. An average home uses less than a megawatt a month.


Dan Sawmiller with the Natural Resources Defense Council says it’s becoming too costly to keep generating coal power.


Sawmiller: “You’re seeing some utilities trying to cling on to coal and it’s not paying off for them so it’s only a matter of time that these transitions happen for these other utilities.”


Earlier this year, FirstEnergy made plans to close its nuclear plants as well. The utility does leave the door open for changes in case the federal government intervenes with policies that save the plants.