O'Neill Says He Will Run For Governor If Cordray Does Not

Oct 30, 2017

Justice William O'Neill

Democratic Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill has announced he will run for governor next year.

The lone Democrat holding statewide office is running on a platform of solar power, mental health care and legalized marijuana. O'Neill says he wants to increase the minimum wage to 15-dollars-an-hour, give credits for installing solar panels, and cut tuition at state colleges. He points to Youngstown State University as an example of how to bring costs down.

O'Neill says his candidacy pushes back against a party leadership full of careful consultants rather than one with ideas.

The 70-year-old must retire from the bench because of age limits when his term ends in January 2019. O'Neill says he won't run if former Ohio Attorney General Rich Cordray enters the race.