PAC May Challenge New State Energy Law

Jul 26, 2019

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant
Credit Associated Press

A group may now begin collecting campaign funds for a possible referendum on the state's new energy law. 

The political action committee is looking at possibly fighting the law that subsidize two nuclear plants to the tune of 150 million dollars a year. Ohio Public Radio's  Andy Chow reports. 



The group Ohioans Against Corporate Bailouts is leading the charge for a possible ballot issue to stop the new energy law which creates subsidies for nuclear, coal, and solar.


It registered with the Secretary of State to become a political action committee the day the bill was signed into law.


The new energy law has garnered a variety of opponents. Environmental groups are against rolling back the green energy policies. Conservative groups saying bailing out the two nuclear plants goes against free market principles. And the oil and gas industry says this creates an unfair playing field.


To get on the 2020 ballot, the PAC would need to collect more than 265,000 signatures.