Police Chief Hoping For Swift Investigation Into Officer's Kicking Incident

Apr 11, 2017

Columbus Mayor Andy Ginther and Police Chief Kim Jacobs spoke to the media this afternoon regarding the reassignment of an officer shown kicking a suspect in the head. 

Officer Zachary Rosen remains under investigation for the Saturday incident that started on Maize Road and ended on Weldon Avenue. Officials say he was one of the officers responding to a report of a man with a gun. The video shows Demarko Anderson on the ground with another officer on top of him. Rosen comes from outside of the frame and kicks Anderson in the face. Ginther admits the video is troubling.

Chief Jacobs says it's only a snippet of video.

Rosen was one of the officers involved in the shooting death of Henry Green last year. A grand jury recently declined to indict Rosen and officer Jason Bare for the shooting. Jacobs says the Green case has no bearing on this one.

Jacobs notes that officers are judged on their use of force by what they knew at the time, and that’s part of what the investigation should uncover. She’s hopeful the investigation will conclude in two weeks.