Poll Shows Gubernatorial Race Remains Close

Oct 10, 2018


A new poll shows Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine and Democratic candidate Rich Cordray are running neck-and-neck. 

And analysts are saying they're seeing numbers that go against the theory of a so-called "Blue Wave." Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

The poll from Baldwin Wallace University has Cordray trailing DeWine by a few percentage points, within the margin of error.

When it comes to the political makeup of the state, BW Professor Thomas Sutton says urban county populations are slowing down in growth with surrounding suburban counties becoming more reliably Republican.


Sutton: “And of course the rural areas where you still have population flatlines, some decline but in bulk, together, they represent what’s becoming the growing sector, politically, in Ohio.”


Sutton says where Democrats could still see a boost is with younger voters, if they turn out to vote, which historically, they haven’t.