Poll: Two-Thirds Of Ohio Conservatives Support Renewable Energy Development

Feb 18, 2019

Hog Creek Wind Farm
Credit Ohio Public Radio

A new poll shows increasing support for the development of renewable energy among conservative Ohioans.  

Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports. 

A poll released by the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum says more than two-thirds of conservative respondents support renewable energy development. 

Michael Hartley, the group’s founder, says 75% also favored fair wind turbine setback laws that allow a landowner the right to lease property for wind farm projects.


Hartley says they want to see what conservative voters think about renewable energy without discussing climate change.


Hartley: “That’s not our argument, our argument is based on -- from a conservative viewpoint -- that economic development, that property rights, that freedom, the national security, all these different conservative viewpoints.”


Groups that support larger setbacks, placing turbines further away from a person’s property line, make the same argument about personal property but from the perspective or landowners that don’t want to lease to wind farms.