Portman Pollution Amendment Criticized In $500K Ohio Ad Buy

Apr 8, 2015

The Natural Resources Defense Council is running ads criticizing Senator Rob Portman.

A national environmental group has launched a 500 thousand dollar ad campaign against Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, claiming a federal budget amendment he introduced could undercut the enforceability of the federal Clean Air Act. 

In spots airing across the state, the National Resources Defense Council and Moms Clean Air Force paint the Republican's proposal as a "polluter protection plan." It would have allowed states to opt out of new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards for cutting carbon emissions. NRDC officials said Tuesday they've singled out Portman because his proposal "strikes at the heart" of the 40-year-old environmental law. Campaign spokesman Corry Bliss said Portman has a strong pro-environmental record that's even been praised by NRDC. He said their ads are aimed at promoting former Democratic Ohio Governor Ted Strickland's 2016 bid against Portman.