Portman Says Trump Could Do More To Prevent Violence During Protests

Jun 4, 2020

Rob Portman

As protests continue across Ohio and the country, the state's Republican U.S. Senator says President Trump could be doing more to help prevent demonstrations from spiraling into violence. 

Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

As criticism poured in for police use of gas and smoke to remove protestors from in front of a church so Trump could hold a Bible for photos, Senator Rob Portman said that Trump has called George Floyd’s death unacceptable and said he supports peaceful protest.

“He hasn't been consistent with that all the time. But he has said that. He has also said we should need to draw the line at the violence and the destruction of property and the other things we just talked about. I also said that I thought we needed a more calming tone and the words matter.”


As for his reported response to that photo op that he was “late to lunch”, Portman said reporters were shouting at him to comment as he was hurrying to an event to speak about legislation on national parks.