POTUS Speaks In Columbus

Oct 14, 2016

President Obama speaking in Columbus
Credit Associated Press

President Obama is in Cleveland today to campaign for Hillary Clinton after having strong words for Republicans in Columbus.

The president spoke last night at the Ohio Democratic Party's state dinner, saying GOP lawmakers who are jumping off Donald Trump's bandwagon aren't showing true leadership. Obama told the crowd the Democratic Party isn't perfect, but it hasn't strayed from its core beliefs. Obama says Republicans created Trump because they stood by while the GOP fed its base a "swamp of crazy" for years. Obama says Republicans knew better, but were silent because it was politically convenient. The president is working to saddle Republicans with Trump's unpopularity even if they've withdrawn their support, using GOP U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio as an example. Portman is running for re-election and recently renounced his support for Trump.