Presidential Campaigns Change Ad Spending In Ohio

Oct 21, 2020


The campaign ad war between President Trump, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and groups that support them has been fairly even in Ohio. 

Now with the polls showing the candidates in a virtual tie, the final stretch of the elections eason shows the candidates are changing their spending plans. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.

The Trump campaign has canceled all but around $3 million of the $18 million it planned to spend on Ohio TV ads from Labor Day to Election Day. The Biden campaign is outspending Trump by buying just over $5 million in ads in Ohio. Republican consultant Nick Everhart monitors campaign media spending in Ohio and nationally and he suggests Trump is focusing limited resources on other states.

“You can only be on the air for where you can pay for. And on some level, they’ve had to scrape back the spending here and delay starts or bring point levels now so they can be up other places.”

Trump’s ads will air in Ohio’s three biggest markets in the final week, while Biden’s ads will air in those cities and Dayton, Toledo and Youngstown from now until Election Day.