Proposal: Ohio Schools Have To Inform Parents Of Vaccination Exemptions

Apr 29, 2019

As the nation battles a measles outbreak, there's a new bill in the Ohio legislature requiring parents be told there are exemptions to the law mandating kids to be vaccinated to attend school. 

Ohio Public Radio's  Karen Kasler reports.

Freshman Republican Don Manning stresses he’s not anti-vaccine, and that this isn’t an anti-vaxxer bill. But he’s concerned that some school officials may be trying to hide from parents exemptions in the law such as medical issues or religious convictions – so if they require vaccines, they have to explain there are exceptions.

And Manning says he’s heard the criticism that people will opt out of vaccinations in droves if they’re told that there are ways to avoid getting vaccinations but still attend school.

“And I don’t believe that’s true at all. I believe that people will always make the right decision if they’re given all of the factual information.”


Ohio allows students to be exempt based on a parent or guardian’s “reason of conscience” – which 15 other states also allow.