Protestors March In Columbus For Strong State Gun Regulations

Sep 19, 2019

Credit Ohio Public Radio
A group of protesters marched in downtown Columbus Wednesday in support of stricter gun regulations, especially expanded background checks and the red flag law. 

The march came as lawmakers hold hearings on several bills. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports. 

NATS: "Hey NRA! We're not going away!"

A collection of anti-gun violence groups are calling on lawmakers to pass what they see as common sense gun regulation.


Catherine Queener of Dayton says it's important for lawmakers to expand background checks on gun sales, closing the loopholes for personal transactions.


Queener: "Anyone with anger in their heart. Anyone, can pick up a gun and start shooting. That's wrong."


Polls consistently show overwhelming support for universal background checks.


But gun rights groups say firearms purchased through the loopholes account for a small number of gun-related crimes.