Question Of The Week: What Song Did You Listen To The Most In 2012?

Dec 5, 2012
Originally published on December 3, 2012 1:26 pm

Hold on to your seat. You're about to be hit with a bounty of year-end lists: NPR Music's favorite songs, artists, albums, discoveries and more of 2012.

When trying to sort out so much music, it's always interesting to see how your memory of what you loved through the year compares to what you actually listened to. What you remember loving and what you really listened to the most aren't always the same. (If you use iTunes, look under your "View" options and make sure you've checked "Plays" and "Year." Then sort your library's list of songs by "Plays." The songs at the top are the ones you played the most.)

In my library, the clear winner — the song released in 2012 that had the highest number of plays — was the title track to Cat Power's Sun record. Number of plays: 32.

I might actually give Sun the number one spot in my personal top ten albums list for 2012. It's an amazing record. But there's no way "Sun," the song, was my favorite for the year. That title goes to ... well. We'll have that and a whole lot more on Wednesday. (Cue obnoxious nerd-snickering).

What song released in 2012 did you listen to the most this year?

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