Renewing Members Match Listeners' Contributions

Oct 12, 2013

Prior to the drive, WCBE asked renewing members to contribute to the station and to designate their donation to our Member Match Fund. With the permission of our renewing members we’ve combined their money to be used as an incentive for you to donate.  

This hour, our renewing members will match your pledge dollar-for-dollar, up to $1400.

This hour only, if you call in with a donation of $90.50, our renewing members will match your donation dollar-for-dollar, turning your gift into $181. Call (614) 365-5711 and your pledge will be worth twice as much!

If you've already given this drive or renewed your support before it began, thank you! Please take a moment to help us spread the word about our need for support by sharing this post on your Facebook and Twitter feeds.

RESULTS: Thanks to everyone who donated, we raised over $1700 and met the match! These funds have been released from our member match fund and redirected to help pay programming costs.