Rep. Thomas West on Health Access, Equity, and the Politics of Reopening Ohio

May 1, 2020

Dan Skinner talks with Rep. Thomas West (@RepThomasWest) of Ohio's 49th House District (Canton, Massillon, much of Stark County) about about the Medicaid waiver he and others urged Governor Mike DeWine to request from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and which would expand access to health care services for Ohioans in the wake of the #COVID19 pandemic. Skinner and West also discuss racial disparities in health outcomes in Ohio, as well as the myriad challenges associated with reopening Ohio’s economy.


Read about the Medicaid Waiver request made by Reps. Russo, West, and Listeon here and here. On West and colleagues' work on racial disparity in health care, read this. Go here for information about the Economic Recovery Workgroup West participated in. Read more about Rep. Thomas West.

On the show, Dan gave a shoutout to Andrews House. You can read about their work and donate here.

Produced by Dan Skinner and Mark Frantz

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