Report Details How Opportunities For Minority Ohio Kids Are Limited Compared With Whites

Oct 25, 2017


Ohio children of immigrants and of color are far behind white kids in terms of well-being and opportunity, according to a new report by the non-partisan Annie E. Casey Foundation.

The report shows poverty, limited educational opportunities and family separation are holding back children of color and immigrants. The report ranks Ohio 42nd in opportunities for African-American children, 23rd for Latino children and 11th for Asian and Pacific Islander children. The report shows more White, Asian and Pacific Islander fourth-graders are at or above proficiency levels compared with Black and Latino kids. Ashon McKenzie of the Children's Defense Fund Ohio says there are also disparities in employment and higher education.

Report co-author Laura Speer says the annual income of immigrant families is 20 percent less than U.S. born families.

To improve outcomes, the report suggests expanding access to education and health care, keeping families together when enforcing immigration policy, and increasing economic opportunities for parents.