Report: Ohio Judges Don't Abstain From Campaign Contributors' Cases

Oct 2, 2018


A government watchdog group’s report says once they’re on the bench, judges in Ohio fail to recuse themselves when hearing a case involving their campaign donors.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

Common Cause’s Catherine Turcer says the report shows judges continue to hear cases involving their contributors and more often than not, rule in favor of them. She’s quick to say that doesn’t mean justice is for sale but she says it doesn’t look good for the judicial system.


“Unless you have the guardrails in place to make sure all judges step away so they don’t hear the cases of their campaign contributors, all Ohioans are going to wonder about their impartiality.”


Turcer says other states have those guardrails. She says more transparency will help and says there are ways Ohio could set standards for recusal that would insure fairness.