Report: UA Woman Responsible For Network Posting Right Wing Rhetoric On Social Media

Jun 12, 2019

Kelly Kullberg

A report by an independent fact-checking website shows a network of Facebook pages that appear to represent  diverse conservative groups belongs to an Upper Arlington woman. 

The report released last month by Snopes shows 59-year-old Kelly Kullberg, a far-right Christian evangelist, is behind 24 Facebook accounts that were deactivated after the report was released. The accounts had financial ties to Kullberg directly or through organizations she founded or helps lead. They were followed by 1.4 million users. Among the pages were Jews and Christians for America, Nurses and Doctors for America, and Blacks for Trump. Many of the pages were promoting the re-election of President Trump and contained anti-Muslim rhetoric. Kullberg also works with several evangelical Christian lobbying organizations. Kullberg has declined comment.