Seven States Now On Ohio's COVID-19 Travel Advisory

Feb 4, 2021

Credit Ohio Department of Health
State health officials Wednesday reported nearly 4 thousand new cases of COVID-19 and 94 new deaths.

Ohio now has over 906 thousand cases and 11,430 deaths. " class="wysiwyg-break drupal-content" src="/sites/all/modules/contrib/wysiwyg/plugins/break/images/spacer.gif" title="<--break-->">Five states have been removed from Ohio's COVID-19 travel advisory.  Utah, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Virginia were removed. There are now seven states on the list: Mississippi, Idaho, Texas, Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, and Pennsylvania.  All have positive test rates of 15 percent or higher. Travelers are advised to quarantine for two weeks. Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Alabama had incomplete data and are labeled as potential risk areas.