Sherrod Brown Won't Enter 2020 Presidential Race

Mar 7, 2019

Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator, democrat Sherrod Brown, says he won’t run for president in 2020.

Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.  

Throughout the past couple of months, Sherrod Brown has campaigned in four early primary and caucus states. But he says he thinks he can be more effective by staying in the U.S. Senate. 


"It's not fear of any specific opponent. It wasn't process. It wasn't money."


Brown says his goal was never really to be president but to drive the national conversation to focus on issues involving working Ohioans. And he says his “Dignity of Work” tour has accomplished that because many of the candidates in the race are now talking more about those issues. Brown says he’s not endorsing any other Democratic candidate at this point and says he will help any of them as they talk about issues involving workers.