Sold-Out Show To Benefit Shadowbox

Sep 25, 2019

A special sold-out concert takes place tonight to support Shadowbox Live. The "Are You Ready To Rock" event features three Columbus-area leaders and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum CEO Greg Harris.

“Dr. Michael Drake of Ohio State University is a heck of a guitar player and will be onstage playing guitar,” Harris said. “Nick Akins of AEP will be playing drums, and George Barrett formerly of Cardinal Health will be playing as. They even let me get up on stage and put a guitar around my neck. It’s a blast to get on stage. They’re all talented musicians. There’s a great house band. We do it to raise funds for the Shadowbox theatre because it’s important to have community theatre and community art in a city. It’s also used to build awareness for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with all our friends here in Columbus.”

The group will run through classic songs by Rock Hall inductees and offer some reflections from Woodstock. Harris will also be featured in an upcoming edition of Music Journeys.