Some Chemicals are Forever: Talking Water with the Ohio Environmental Council

Feb 24, 2020

In this episode, Dan Skinner talks with three representatives of the Ohio Environmental Council about water in Ohio. Topics include lead, "forever chemicals," and other developments on the city and state levels. 

Host: Dan Skinner (@danielrskinner)

Guests: Chris Tavenor (Staff Attorney), Melanie Houston (Drinking Water Director) and Pete Bucher (Managing Director of Water Policy) at the Ohio Environmental Council.

Produced by Dan Skinner and Mark Frantz

Engineering support from Greg Moebius

Read an overview of the OEC's work with water issues here.

For more about “forever chemicals” in Ohio, go here, here, and here. To read about the bill discussed in the episode, go here.

For more about lead in Ohio’s water service lines, go here and here. Read the Ohio EPA's statement on lead here and find City of Columbus resources here. Melanie Houston mentioned the Ohio Lead-Free Coalition. Give them a follow at @OHleadfreekids.

You can watch Mayor Ginther’s “State of the City” address here. Read the OEC Press Release on the speech here.

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