Spring 2016 Pet Day & "The Wilds" Giveaway!

Apr 11, 2016

Welcome to 90.5 FM’s Pet Day! Consider this Pet Wars! We want to see which furry or not-so-furry companion reigns supreme when you donate in the name of animal pal. Plus, when you donate at the $90.50 level or above, you can receive a limited edition, limited-availability WCBE pet tag! This way your pet can show off their love for WCBE, too!

Donate TODAY in the name of your pet, then go to our Facebook page and share a picture of your favorite furry (or maybe not so furry) companion. Many of the staff here at WCBE have pets, and we all agree they’re family members. Donate in the name of your non-human family member, and be automatically entered to win tickets to The Wilds!
 In addition to 90.5, another important central Ohio non-profit is The Wilds.  The Wilds’ mission is: To advance conservation through science, education & personal experience. We’ll randomly select two winners to explore this wildlife area with WCBE’s “The Wilds” Giveaway happening right NOW, and ending at midnight. No donation is necessary, but highly appreciated. Call 614-365-5711 (7am-7pm) or go online at