State Approves Title For Fall Ballot Issue On Drug Crimes

Aug 29, 2018

Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Republican Ohio Secretary of State and lieutenant governor candidate Jon Husted has announced the official title for the only statewide issue on the fall ballot.  

Backers say the wording means they have work to do. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler explains. 

Voters will see this short description for Issue 1: “to reduce penalties for crimes of obtaining, possessing and using illegal drugs”. Matt Borges with Safe and Healthy Ohio says the title is accurate but reflects just one aspect of the constitutional amendment, which also would direct funding to state-run drug treatment.

“It’s up to our campaign to deliver the message effectively, and we’ll either do that or we won’t. I never underestimate Ohio voters’ intelligence and we’ll make sure they understand what they’re voting for.”

Backers have raised more than $4 million, including donations from groups created by two Facebook founders and billionaire George Soros. Prosecutors oppose the amendment, which also would allow for reduced sentences for good behavior by inmates not convicted of murder, rape or child molestation.