State Fair Ride Accident Kills One Person And Injures Seven Others

Jul 27, 2017


One person was killed and seven others injured when an "aggressive thrill" ride at the Ohio State Fair broke apart last night.

The Fire Ball ride, which spins and swings riders 40 feet into the air, crashed into something and part of it flew off, throwing passengers to the ground. Three of the injured are hospitalized in critical condition. Officials say the ride had passed inspections. Officials say the fair will be open today, but Governor John Kasich has ordered the rides stopped until they're all determined to be safe.

Kasich calls it the worst tragedy in the fair's history.

Michael Vartorella led the four-person inspection team that examined the ride.

Rain had delayed some inspections, and 11 of the more than 70 rides weren’t operating when the fair opened Wednesday. The Ohio Highway Patrol is investigating. The company that provided the ride, Amusements of America, has yet to comment. The names of the victims have yet to be released.