State Lawmaker Found Guilty Of Campaign Finance Violations

Oct 31, 2014

Sandra Williams
Credit State of Ohio

A Franklin County judge this morning found Democratic State Representative Sandra Williams guilty of violating campaign-finance regulations related to the purchase and re-sale of Ohio State football tickets.

Williams, who is running for an Ohio Senate seat, entered a no-contest plea to charges of converting campaign funds for personal use and attempted election falsification. Sentencing is scheduled for December 5. Her campaign committee bought a pair of season tickets in 2010 worth more than 22 hundred dollars and reported they were for campaign volunteers. Williams then sold the tickets and deposited the proceeds in her personal bank account.  Williams was president of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus at the time, which has seen two members imprisoned and another charged in a payday industry lobbying probe. Former Democratic Representatives Carlton Weddington and Clayton Luckie were sentenced to three years in prison. Former Democratic Representative Dale Mallory pled guilty earlier this week and is awaiting sentencing. Two industry lobbyists have also pleaded guilty.