State Panel Issues Preliminary Report On Improving Child Welfare System

Feb 6, 2020

Credit Ohio Public Radio

The state advisory council that's been looking into how to improve Ohio's overloaded child welfare system has made some preliminary recommendations

The panel will get more feedback and issue its final recommendations this summer. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.

The report includes stepping up foster and adoptive parent recruitment efforts. Governor Mike DeWine says it also recommends providing more support, training and even pay for caseworkers.

“These caseworkers have a huge caseload. The ratio is just very, very difficult or impossible for that caseworker to do what they need to do. We also have a high burnout rate which is very understandable based on the work that they are doing.”


The preliminary suggestions also include early intervention with young kids in the foster care system, cutting red tape between organizations, and training and legal help for family members who want to adopt at-risk kids. It also calls for a formalized system to review any foster care deaths.