State Of Poverty Report 2019

Jun 14, 2019

A coalition of groups that advocate for low-income Ohioans says they’re seeing a slight decrease in the poverty level and unemployment remains low.

However, they’re concerned about pay disparity and the resources available for people who don’t make a living wage.  Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.


Philip E. Cole has been the Executive Director of the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies talks about the 2019 State of Poverty report.
Credit Andy Chow

The Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies says even if a person earns the median wage from six of the most common jobs in Ohio, they would still qualify for food assistance if they’re a family of three.


Researcher Kathleen Carr says this is just one example of wage disparity they found in their 2019 State of Poverty in Ohio report. 


Carr: “Having a descent income would be helpful. It’d be helpful with having emergency money when you need it, being able to feed your family without government assistance.”


She says moderate-income Ohioans devote an average of 62 percent of their income to housing and transportation.