State Report Card Might Ditch Letter Grades Component

Dec 17, 2019

Critics are giving low marks to a study of the state’s school report cards put out by a group of lawmakers.

But one big change could come from it. Ohio Public Radio's Karen Kasler reports.  

The study was assigned to lawmakers in the budget in July and makes no recommendations. It just outlines what each school and stakeholder group said about the current grade card system and what changes those groups would like. But one thing came through to House Education committee chair Don Jones – the A-F letter grade system for schools pushed by former Governor John Kasich in 2012 is flunking.

“There’s a pretty good consensus for it to go because a lot of people have the thought that if their school isn’t an A or B, they’re failing, which is not a true statement. A ‘C’ school means that they’re meeting expectations.”

Jones says the report will start discussions about the changes lawmakers have said they want to make to the report cards, but he says nothing would go into effect for this school year.