State Says Preferred Drug List Makes Getting Meds Easier

Jan 6, 2020

State Medicaid Director Maureen Corcoran
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio’s Medicaid program has unveiled a new tool designed to help cut down on confusion when it comes to prescription drugs.

Officials hope a new drug list will help improve communication between patients, doctors and pharmacists. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

Ohio Medicaid has released what's known as Unified Preferred Drug List, which names all the preferred medications under Medicaid, using both the brand and generic names.


Medicaid Director Maureen Corcoran says it also makes health providers aware of what is preferred by Medicaid even if it's not on the health plan's list, which can alleviate the stress of getting medication.


"So that families get what they need in a timely way and they're not left without their medication."


Corcoran says they've been working on improving the Medicaid experience for recipients and providers through conducting surveys.