State Will Help Pike County Pay For Rhoden Family Murder Case

Feb 7, 2019

Ohio Attorney General David Yost
Credit Ohio Public Radio

Ohio's attorney general has given a down payment to Pike County to help prosecute the people charged in the 2016 Rhoden family slayings.

And the state is promising more money in the high-profile case. Ohio Public Radio's Jo Ingles reports.  

Four members of the Wagner family stand accused of murdering eight members of the Rhoden family. The trials, which could result in the death penalty for some, could cost millions of dollars. Attorney General Dave Yost gave Pike County $100,000 to start the prosecutions and is pledging more as the trials progress. He says the state needs to help small counties like Pike that are financially unable to prosecute these types of cases on their own.


“The fact of the matter is there are big differences in resources available to different counties.”


A bill is being drafted that will be designed to help smaller counties with expensive cases.  Authorities received more than a thousand tips, conducted hundreds of interviews and searched for suspects as far away as Alaska before making the four arrests.