SWACO Unveils Plan To Combat Food Waste

May 16, 2019


The Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio has unveiled a new plan to cut the region's food waste in half by 2030.  

Jim Letizia reports.

SWACO says 152 thousand tons of food waste wound up in the Franklin County landfill last year. One portion of the plan focuses on rescuing food waste from restaurants, schools, and other institutions and making sure it gets to those in need. Recyling such as more composting is also part of the plan, as is a feasability study on related infrastructure. Another portion of the plan involves prevention, including educational efforts for consumers, restaurants, and students. It includes advocating for legislation governing expiration date labeling among other things.  Non-profits, schools, and the Ohio EPA have been working on the plan for a year. To see the plan, click here.