Thousands Of Ohioans Could Be Affected By New Food Stamp Rule

Dec 5, 2019


The White House is proceeding with a rule that will make it harder for Ohioans in low-income counties to get food stamp benefits. 

The rule implements work requirements in counties with high unemployment rates. Ohio Public Radio's Andy Chow reports.

The new rule from the Trump Administration mandates that able-bodied adults can only get SNAP benefits, commonly known as food stamps, if they work, go to school, get work training, or volunteer.

Lisa Hamler-Fugitt with the Ohio Association of Foodbanks says creating hurdles between low-income people and benefits will not spur personal advancement.


Hamler-Fugitt: "If we want to encourage work and provide opportunities for individuals, the one thing you don't do is take away their nutritional lifeline."


Tens of thousands of Ohioans could be affected by the new rule, which goes into effect in April.


A Republican-backed bill called for the same changes in the Ohio House. It has nearly two dozen co-sponsors.