Tiger Woods DUI Arrest Topic At Memorial Tournament Practice

May 30, 2017

Five-time Memorial winner Tiger Woods with tournament founder Jack Nicklaus in 2015

Practice rounds at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin continue today, but talk of Tiger Woods' DUI charge continues to be a topic of conversation.

Woods attributed an "unexpected reaction" to prescription medicine for his arrest early Monday.  Memorial host and founder Jack Nicklaus had the following reaction at his tournament press conference today.  

("You know, I feel bad for Tiger;  Tiger's a friend.  He's been great for the game of golf, and he needs all our help,  and we wish him well.")

Woods has not played professional golf since February, when he played just one round and withdrew due to back spasms. Asked whether he misses seeing Woods compete on the Tour, Nicklaus responded this way.

("Did I enjoy watching him play?  Absolutely!  Did I enjoy.... every time Tiger did something, my name was mentioned right beside it.  It kept me relevant.  It was as good for me as it was for him.  Do I like to see anybody - and as I've told Tiger, we've talked about it a hundred times - does anybody want to see their records broken?  Of course not.  But do I want to see somebody not have the ability, because of physical problems, not to be able to compete, to have that chance?  Yeah, I don't like that at all." )

With 14 major tournament victories, Woods had been chasing Nicklaus' record of 18. Woods announced last week that he had fusion surgery in April, his fourth back procedure since March 2014. He will be sidelined for the rest of the 2017 golf season.